Overlord Light Novel Volume 14 Chapter 2 Part 9

Overlord Light Novel Volume 14 Chapter 2 Part 9


Though this was completely unexpected, it was true that the vast majority of the city’s population had survived. As long as he allowed them to escape, he would have fulfilled his promise to those two. That said, it wouldn’t count as the survivors escaping through great tribulations.

Should he send stronger undead to try again?

No, there was something he had to confirm before then.

“Ahem! Now then, Albedo. Though you have said that this was Red Drop, how trustworthy is our intel source on this one?”

“I am terribly sorry, Ainz-sama. Indeed, we do not have concrete proof of that claim. This was only a surface-level deduction based on the Adamantite plate on the armour as well as its colour.”

Albedo stood up and bowed deeply.

“At ease. I just wanted to check if you had access to intel that I did not. I am not too bothered by it.”

While he was happy that she was this loyal, being treated like that usually made him quite uncomfortable. To Ainz, the manifestation of the concept of failure, this wasn’t that big of a deal. However, it wasn’t as though what she had just described could be categorized as a failure anyways.

“You have my eternal gratitude, Ainz-sama.”

“Umu…So was that Red Drop, or a plot by someone who wants us to believe that they are Red Drop? Floor Guardians, speak your mind.”

From their brief opinions, most of them supported the former. Ainz thought it was the former too.

“Now, then — I must ask something of everyone once again. Does anyone know of the specs of a Powered Suit? If you are all not too sure of it, I will explain.”

Ainz confirmed that the guardians knew not of the Powered Suit and began to exposit what he remembered of the Powered Suit’s abilities.

Back in the game of Yggdrasil, the Powered Suit did not exist initially but was added in later on as an item for newly registered players to power-level with.

Also, mecha fighting games were popular back then, so it must have also been an attempt to draw in players from that player-base as well.

Though he couldn’t tell whether that contributed to this fact or not, the Powered Suit’s capabilities were quite high.

First of all, just as they had seen, the suit had the ability to fly through the air at a greater speed than [Fly]. It could maintain operations for over an hour underwater without any detriments and was essentially immune to almost all environmental damage.

It could even apply and activate with its shoulders, torso — and depending on the type, even the wrists and feet — different kinds of offensive spells.

Though this might seem obvious, it does have human finger-like appendages that could — if the hand had not been transformed into a weapon itself — hold weapons.

The magical armaments could be freely customized within the Powered Suit’s settings, but half were microtransaction exclusives while the other half required grinding.

Though those customizations could be performed pretty much anywhere outside of combat, there were still some restrictions on them.

The highest tier of spells that could be stored on the armour was tenth tier and the use of said spell was subjected to a limit of an hour per use. Stronger spells had even more limited uses. Though the number of times a spell could be used recovered over time, it appeared to have a restriction by which the spell stored on it could not be swapped out for a duration even if it was only expended by a little.

The armour’s physical and magic damage were high-tier, independent of the user’s abilities. The same was true for its defensive and evasive capabilities.

You could call it an armour that instantly closed the gap between the weak and the strong.

Speaking of weakness, it did have two minor ones.

One of which was the fact that because it counted as Full-Body Armour, it could not be combined with other pieces of armour. Still, necklaces and other decorative equipment could still be worn with it.

Another was the fact that the magic stored in the armour could not have metamagic applied to it. But, since those spells could still be enhanced through equipment, this couldn’t really be considered a weakness at all.

However, if a weakling was to use it, it did have a major weakness.

HP and MP

Though the damage output of the suit could compensate for the wearer’s low stats, the HP and MP values of the wearer remained unaltered by the armour.

That is to say, a weakling in the armour would have high defensive capabilities but also a frail health pool. Of course, if their opponent could not break through the armour’s relatively high defences, it’s not a weakness at all.

In Nazarick’s terms, a Floor Guardian shouldn’t have an issue fighting it at all.

The threat it posed was to NPCs like the Pleiades, who weren’t that strong. If they crossed paths with the suit, they should choose to retreat.

Ainz concluded his explanation and started taking questions.

The first to ask a question was Albedo.

“So as long as we are the ones handling it, it should be fine, correct?”

“Correct. Even the strongest Powered Suits could only have the offensive capabilities equivalent to level eighty characters. However, that hinges on my knowledge on the Powered Suits being perfect. Hypothetically, if there were rarer or Artifact grade Powered Suits, it would be a completely different situation. If that was the case, there could be Powered Suits much more powerful than the ones I have described.”

“Can you not tell from its appearance alone?”

“Umu, I apologize, Aura. Because I am not too familiar with Powered Suits in the first place, I cannot tell its capabilities just from appearances alone. Also, though one would not be allowed to alter its appearances by too much, there were still slight alterations the wearer could make to it.”

While the Powered Suit might be useful to weaker players, it was completely useless to a stronger player.

Nevermind Divine grade gear, even Legendary grade equipment matching a player’s strengths could outperform the Powered Suit. That was why when Powered Suit was introduced to Yggdrasil, Ainz and his friends, who were already at max level, were not interested.

The greater issue to Ainz back then was that he could barely cast spells with it equipped.

“Were there two or three? There should be a few sets of Powered Suits in Nazarick, I will head to the Treasury later for them. Maybe everyone should get a feel of what it is like to wear one.”

He remembered that the thing should still be there, something that Amanomahitotsu had procured after learning that even those with manufacturing-based job levels could enter combat with them. Apparently he was secretly quite confident because he also played aerial combat games, but then he got easily wrecked by Peroroncino in a mock battle. The thing was never seen again after that.

He also remembered how Nishikienrai had said, “Just play Aberage instead lmao.”

Ainz was journeying through his memories when he realised.

If Red Drop had a Powered Suit from Yggdrasil — the black sword of the leader of the other Adamantite-ranked team, Blue Roses, could be of a similar power level.

According to the intel they had gathered from their aides in the capital, the weapon she wielded was said to be powerful enough to level an entire city. Though that aide found the intel to be preposterous, it did originate from a member of the team itself.

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Ainz always thought that she was either lying to her teammates, or just making things up.

But given what he knew now — perhaps, that intel was true.

He had heard that the leaders of Blue Roses and Red Drop were relatives.

If they were related, then having the same level of equipment shouldn’t be weird at all.

Of course, Ainz wasn’t paranoid enough to believe that the Floor Guardians could be one-shotted by anything, but he also had no proof that that was a complete impossibility. Perhaps the guardians’ defences could be easily breached by some strong weapon from this world.

Ainz did not want to suffer any severe consequences for forcing his opponent to the stage where she would be suicidal enough to use that sword’s power.

If it came down to a battle with Blue Roses, he should probably use summoned monsters to bait out that ability and then defeat them.

However, that would be the last resort.

He remembers a saying about how ‘The better part of valour, is discretion’, he should follow that advice.

After all, the primary purpose of the Kingdom’s destruction wasn’t for the termination of Blue Roses, but if they were to get in his way he wouldn’t mind killing them off. That said, it was best not to make any rash movements before they knew the full capabilities of that woman’s sword. I should say sorry to Entoma and hope she understands.

Ainz mentally sighed to himself as he shook his head in an attempt to get his train of thought back on track.

This wasn’t the time to be thinking about these sorts of things.

“Any other questions?”

Ainz looked around, it appeared that none of the guardians had any other questions.

“If that is the case, we will pause the discussion on the Powered Suit for now. Now then, Demiurge, how shall we deal with this city? In my opinion, to have baited that thing out was more than satisfactory.”

“It would be bad for them to mistake that they had defeated the Sorcerous Kingdom. We should send a stronger entity and unto dust they shall return.”

“Hmmm, that is fine too…”

No, that wasn’t fine at all.

If they did that, he would have to try extra hard to save some other city to keep the promise he had made to those two. Though he made it through this time, to accomplish it again would be extremely difficult.

For Pestonia’s sake, who had been standing behind him and listening in, he had to save the people of this city to fulfill their promise.

“No, Demiurge. Let us not do that for now. This will prepare us for similar situations should they occur again. In any case, it is about time that we siege the capital. Let us close the curtains on this battle. We will be fine as long as we systematically scorched-earth the rest of the cities. What do you think?”

He was giving this city’s inhabitants the chance and time to run away. If they get killed afterwards because they didn’t escape, those two shouldn’t have a problem with it, right?

“If Ainz-sama deems it so, so be it.”

Though it might seem as though Demiurge was being sarcastic, he wasn’t one to do such a thing to Ainz.

Some people could always hear all sorts of undertones in other people’s words, those who usually have something to hide themselves, Ainz being one of them.

“Don’t say that, Demiurge. If you have a better idea then that should be the one that we should implement.”

“As expected of Ainz-sama. I am truly in awe of how humble you are.”

Ainz’s opinions of the bowing Demiurge became muddled.

First of all, what he had said was common sense, it was nothing worth praising.

Though he was flattered, he felt as though he was being treated more like a child if even the most trivial of the things he had said and done was cheered.

Perhaps that was just out of his low self-esteem.

“…Do any of the other guardians have different opinions?” Ainz turned to Shalltear upon confirming that there were no objections, “Bring back the undead we had sent using [Gate]. Then, gather our forces in E-Rantel and initiate the siege on the capital.”

“Yes, my lord. I will get on with that immediately-arinsu.”

“Will the main army include people from Nazarick?”

“Send out the Master Guarders of Nazarick and the other elite guards. They are not too strong individually but are quite a sight to behold as a unit.”


“Excellent. We will conquer the cities one by one and stage the final battle at the capital as planned. Afterwards, though it might be out of order now, we will finish massacring the inhabitants of all the useless cities. Through this show of force, the world will come to understand the consequences of not bowing to the rule of Nazarick.”

The Floor Guardians all responded with confidence. Ainz nodded deeply.

“Very well then, Floor Guardians—” Ainz thought about the future for a while and opened his mouth again to say, “no, a portion of the guardians should stay behind. Everybody else, demonstrate to me your true power.”