Overlord Light Novel Volume 14 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous contains the postscript and author’s comments.


Long time no see everyone, I am Maruyama Kugane. The following text contains a few spoilers, so consider this a warning for those of you who have not read the volume yet.

Let us begin then. I checked and saw that Volume 13 went on sale on the 27th of April, 2018 and this volume should be on sale in March… It is not 2020 yet as I write this afterword, but since the book will be on sale March of 2020, around two years’ worth of time will have passed since the last volume. With that in mind, I felt like I had to greet everyone with a “long time no see.”

Can everybody feel the… effort I had put in over the course of nearly two years? You can’t? You can’t huh… sigh…

Putting Maruyama’s efforts aside, two years is quite a long period of time. A lot must have happened for everybody during these two years, the same was true for me. We are in a new era too, from Heisei to Reiwa.

Personally, I have been busy with all kinds of work during this period, so it did not feel like a long time had passed since the last volume for me. If everybody felt like they have “waited for a long time” then on a certain level, it would bring me the greatest amount of joy.

Because that proves to me how much my readers were anticipating the next instalment of Overlord.

So, let us talk about Volume 14. The Kingdom had been set up as a stage for the story multiple times since the first volume. Many of its characters have had their arcs come to an end here. Some of them lived, and others died. I believe their ends were predictable to the vast majority of readers, but in the process of writing this volume, some characters did manage to avoid the tragic fate of death.

Yes, “those characters.” While writing this volume, I repeated asked myself, “would they die such moronic deaths?” which was why things ended up going the way they did. Initially I had planned for them to all die due to no fault of their own.

How unfortunate.

Setting aside Maruyama’s thoughts, if everybody thought “those were good ends to their arcs” it would make Maruyama unbelievably happy. After all, to have sent them off the way I did, I have had to fill up quite a lot of pages.

Well then, we are in the Endgame™ now.

To all of my readers and to everyone who had supported Maruyama: Thank you!

Three more volumes to go. If everybody could continue to show your support, Maruyama would be overjoyed.


Author’s Miscellaneous Comments on Volume 14

In the comments below you might be able to spot a few people complaining that they have not read the volume yet, because the following will contain spoilers. Your enjoyment of the volume might decrease by a few percent if you read this first, so please remember to read the volume before this!

With these warnings out of the way, let us begin.

The story was also quite long this time around.

When I was editing the volume, it felt like no matter how much time I spent on it, I would never be done with it. I could not help but ask myself, “why are you writing such a long story?” The time allotted to me to edit the volume does not scale with the thickness of the book itself, so writing such a long story would only increase my workload and tire me out more.

With every edit made in red ink (Maruyama will just use blue instead) the page count only increased!

The first round of editing added forty pages to the page count and became an inside joke between me and my editor. I really wish the next volume will be thinner. It would be impossible to do it in 300 pages, but hopefully I will contain it in 400 pages!

How about a 100-page-long introduction, 100-page-long rising action, 150-page-long climax, and a 50-page-long conclusion?

Honestly, when I finally got the book in hand, it was quite hard to read. That is why I honestly do no wish to write this much a second time.

Next up, let us ignore the topic of future goals for now and speak of the story.

The Kingdom, which had been set up as a stage for the story ever since the first volume, has had its plots largely, largely concluded.

Because of the amount of characters introduced, the thickness of this book was also proportionally affected. I wonder if everybody’s favourite characters have met satisfactory ends?

If the answer to that was yes, I would be very happy.

Perhaps even minor deviations to some developments would have changed the future for many of the characters, and that is exactly how Maruyama envisions the story of Overlord ending.

If you are dissatisfied with the ending — write fanfics! Fanfictions!

Write out your stories with passion, with “the original work was a mistake” in mind.

Maruyama approves of this!

Back on topic, the country served by this light novel’s main character basically only knew how to defend itself.

It feels like a lot of the time, they only had one mode in which they would only prepare to face an invasion by some other evil nation… no, perhaps Maruyama does not know this himself, perhaps it has multiple modus operandi too.

But, Overlord is a work produced by Maruyama after he had erased certain elements that he found to be undesirable: the work of a chuuni. That is why the story is about being proactive, aggressive, and all that survival of the fittest jazz. The task of running a country is not all flowers and butterflies, plus Nazarick itself is not some organization built upon peace anyways.

Honestly, in terms of a story about being the strongest, that fight… did not meet anybody’s standards, right? It could barely receive a passing grade…right? But given the situation then, it would be impossible for him to not make an appearance there…

Personally, I think that if one had the foresight to plan out their actions before executing them, they would probably prepare plans to save themselves in case of failure too.

Perhaps that is one of Overlord’s weak points. It has been bound to its setting and thus could not move the plot along from the start. But with that said, this is Overlord after all, so this much was acceptable.

Maruyama personally wish to see people using Overlord’s weaknesses as a jumping-off point to create works that are far more advanced than it!

Since we only have three more volumes left, Maruyama wishes to enjoy his time afterwards as a consumer instead!

Personally, the works I wish to see the most would be some biotope-type stuff, which I have been watching on YouTube these days.

Everybody, please work hard to create for Maruyama’s sake!

Next up are my miscellaneous thoughts on characters.


Umm, was he a good dragon?

After all, he was at the top of this world’s hierarchy. He had his own goals and motivations, so he could come off as cold and heartless at times, but that is expected of him though.


The Powered Suit was strong! However, he himself was but man.

While I would not call him weak, but going by levels, he was really weak; in fact, he was the weakest in his entire team. As a side note, that Powered Suit is Azuth’s property, not Tsa’s. So, why does he have this Powered Suit? Will there ever come a day when this question is finally answered?

Another thing to note, the Powered Suit’s previous owner’s name had not been mentioned as of yet, but perhaps I have already laid clues about them?


Things that should be impossible given Overlord’s setting (systematically impossible) became possible through him. What does that mean though?

I had thought about expanding on this in the past, but the Maruyama of yesteryear would probably use different methods to describe and explain it.

Honestly, Brain’s second comment about Cocytus was unnecessary, and perhaps this was a major failure on my part.

“Hmm? What is he talking about?” would probably be the normal reaction to this

If you thought “ahhh, he’s talking about that,” and arrived at the correct answer, you’re weird. Just how good is your memory…?

In any case, rest in peace.

I don’t think there are many people out there who hate him, so he’s a good character I guess?


That illustration should be considered a cognitohazard, what even…

Aaaah! If only I wrote her title as The Area Guardian of a Single Room instead of Golden Princess at the end. How could I forget it when I foreshadowed it all the way back…?

Her occupation of ●● foreshadows… something. I have absolutely no idea what it is, but do not worry.

Maruyama already has a basic plan for the last volume, so it is best for you to not worry about things you that you do not have to. Like what about the dwarves, why did he not just take that sword, and what about the metal that was taken away… How many volumes would it take me to wrap all of this up? 21? Am I wrong?

Ah, in any case, we were talking about {her}.

Mmmm, after rereading the book, it feels like some of her actions did not have clear motivations behind them… Whatever reason you believe that to be the case, would be the most correct!


A jester till the end. However, if he is the happiest living the life that he has, it was not that bad of a deal. That said, a rude awakening awaits him, but Renner will be gentle with him anyways.

Q: How did Climb completely win over Renner’s heart?

A: It’s what they call Animal Therapy, but since Renner was so twisted in the first place, she couldn’t get any better! Just like how Nazarick is the world to Ainz, Climb is the world to Renner.


Personally, he was a great character. Even if the armour did not fit him, he was still a good character. Of Rampossa III’s children, he was probably the best. Or rather, Renner was just too shitty of a person

I really wanted to see what the bright future mentioned in his character sheet would look like.

Side note: Zanac was unwed due to personal reasons. He himself believed that marriage incurred more costs than it was worth, so he did not want to get married at all. If he could have became a Grand Duke through marriage, he probably would marry.

Rampossa III:

The king who won against Albedo. After what he said to Albedo, there was nothing she could say to refute. He was a good king. If only he knew how to use the Shin Beruwan Bao Zakeruga, then he could just wipe out Ainz and the others…

(TL’s note: it’s an attack from Zatch Bell!)

Zatch Bell! was pretty enjoyable, but of Raiku-sensei’s works, Maruyama’s favourite has got to be Grief Warrior Hero Ba-Ban.

Blue Rose:

I really wanted to kill them off…

Maruyama already hated stories in which only the female characters were saved. When I read stuff on Syosetu and see that another female character was being added to the protagonist’s party, I would always say, “why another girl?”

(TL’s note: the platform the WN was published on)

Is it not better to collect unique characters as companions?! I want to read stories about minotaurs, orcs, ratmen, and more form teams to go on adventures together!

I really wanted to kill them off… In other words, I wanted to kill them off at the 14th volume…


However, abusing an author’s authority to make characters do things that would be out-of-character for them is an absolute no-go…

Hilma and the Eight Fingers:

Kneel. I assume a lot of you found the image for the first chapter to be hilarious.

They were the group that triumphed.

Should I just make it a rule that if people just knelt to Nazarick, they would be saved?

Well, in a normal situation they would of course be saved. After all, there would not be any benefits to killing them.

Nazarick’s denizens:

Basically, they do not give a single fuck about humans. If everybody can understand this, it would make Maruyama very happy.

Everything is fine as long as Mare is being cute!

They are gentle towards their own people, but strict towards outsiders.

…apologies, this should have been something that everybody should have fully understood at this point.


Okay, it is finally time for this volume’s main character (lol)

In Overlord, there is a rule on a certain level that there should not be any idiots pass a certain rank. However, he was the exception.

Of course, there is a detailed explanation for his stupidity in this volume, but for him to have been this dumb, some fault must fall on his parents (and the education they provided him).

Due to Hilma’s exploitation and all sorts of manipulations going on behind his back, his ego was much more susceptible to inflation. So you could not really blame all of it on him.

But, he was an idiot.

I have a secret to share with you. Maruyama has also given thought to this in the past, could someone really be this stupid?

There are plenty of unbelievably stupid people in the real world, like those without an ounce of imagination. Honestly, the action of those few must be puzzling to normal people, right? That was the feeling I was trying to capture.

But Philip was the opposite of those people, his fault was that he was too imaginative.

That is about it, right? Because there were a lot of characters, I wanted to talk a bit more about them, but this should be enough.

The above wraps up my miscellaneous thoughts on Volume 14.

All that is left is Volume 15, 16, and 17, and then the story will be over!

So if you people could stick with me for another while, Maruyama would be overjoyed.

See you the next time around then!


Editing a file this large (~140k words) is taking much more time than I expected. I’ve made all of the major corrections I wanted to for this paste but I’m pretty sure there were more mistakes that neither you guys nor I caught. This is not the final thing yet, just a whole volume paste.

Thank you to those who have sent in corrections. I will be working with a few proofreaders to take some load off my back and hopefully get the final PDF/EPUB out sooner than later. If you need the volume in those formats now, there are a few people making those independently already.

Can’t believe I missed Lucifer in the last paste, but I’m pretty sure he’s used to that kind of treatment.

Maruyama’s miscellaneous thoughts basically matched my own feelings about this volume.

What did I get out of this? Not even a quarter of a module’s worth of content.

Was it worth it? Nah, but the next one should be better.

Overall, 8.5/10

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