Overlord Light Novel Volume 12 Afterword

Overlord Light Novel Volume 12 Afterword

Overlord Light Novel Volume 12 Afterword



I’m sure many people must have wished for August to be sixty days long when they were doing their holiday homework as their parents scolded them, or when they flipped through the calendar in August.

Maruyama has always been that way. He thought that way when he forgot to do his homework and had to raise his hand up on the first day of school in September.

However, this time, I made it become real!

My childhood dream came true! Maruyama wanted to become an adult like this in the past, and now it’s become reality! Oh what a wonderful thing!

Everyone’s — I guess I should stop here. Spouting these pointless excuses to drag things out won’t help things.

Therefore, it was slightly delayed, but we managed to publish the book at last. Well, this ought to be within the margin of error. No, the truth is that it was because a lot of things happened. Seriously, there were a lot of them both good and bad.

Speaking of which, Maruyama bought several ebooks while in hospital, ebooks are really great! I didn’t expect them to be handy. I think it’s good that Overlord has an ebook version. Therefore, I have decided to convert Overlord into a digital format. As i thought, there are many things that humans won’t understand if they don’t try them out. Similarly, if you’re not involved in a situation, there’s mani things you won’t understand about it.

Incidentally, while this is offtopic, the ebooks I read were manga, specifically love comedies.

Now then, last of all, I need to thank a lot of people. Especially you people holding this book, as well as a certain hospital.

I’ll be glad if I could meet you again in the next volume. Thank you very much, everyone.

Maruyama Kugane.
二〇一七年九月 丸山くがね

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