Overlord Light Novel Volume 14 Character Sheet [Spoiler]

Overlord Light Novel Volume 14 Character Sheet [Spoiler]


Occupations: ?? To be Updated (it literally says future)
Residence: A room on the 9th floor of Nazarick.
Race: Imp, level 1
Jobs: Actress, level 4. Genius, level 5.
Interests: Climb xxx

She realized her wildest dreams after trampling the hopes and happiness of the citizens of the kingdom. She feels no guilt or remorse but rather a sense of gratitude. The same sense of gratitude one might feel towards ingriedients used for a meal.

The Genius job is one that can be used to replace other jobs. However only one job can be replaced at a time. Genius is a rare job, only a select few posess it.

Prince Zanak
Levels: King: 1, Prince: 4, Leader: 2, Warrior: 1
Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Napping.

As his older brother is to become king, his standing is poor. He has backing from neither the noble or the royal faction. Despite this, he refuses to give in for the sake of the royal family’s future. He is dilligent, improving little by little. He believed if Zanack, Renner, Gazef and (Leiwenhou, dunno the EN) worked together, they could stop the empire and rebuild a strong kigdom. That is, had Nazarick not come.

Has poor communication skills. Those that have poor social skills have difficulty talking to strangers. They open up more when you speak to them about things that interest them. Tends to bother others but doesn’t think much of it it as they don’t outwardly get angry. Although not malicious, many in the guild don’t realize this. Even Momonga was bothered.

Job: Leader of Red Drop

Residence: A luxury inn in the capital of the Argland Council State

Classes: Street Fighter, Sniper, Gym Master *Owner?*

Date of Birth: 15th of Under Water *Literal translation. 下水 means sewage which I don’t think is right*

Hobbies: Drinking good sake. (But he can’t hold his liquor)

Personal Character: Saying his full name would be too long (owing to his status as a knight) so instead we’ll introduce him by his favorite nickname. Although he is Adamantite, he is the weakest in his team and is likely the weakest of all Adamantitve adventurers. His entire skill/class makeup is solely to use that suit – *page cutoff*

Tsaindorcu Vaision

Occupation – Unspecified as there are myriad.
Residence – Unspecified as there are myriad.

Jobs –
Primitive Caster
World Connector
Over Dragon (Obado Dragon, not sure about this)
Soul Adora (Soru Adora, also not sure)

Birthday – On a starry night
Hobbies – Watching over the world

The strongest class of dragon. Has killed players before. Although he is a kind and compassionate being, he is capable of seeing and prioritizing the bigger picture and will not hesitate to shed blood if necessary. Will cooperate with other dragon lords when interest align but as his ultimate goal differs, such relationships are strained. He has created many strongholds over the years and experimented with building various communities. The republic was one of his experiments. The dragon lord with the most power is in the East.

First page:
Nazarick’s lowest floor, Ainz’s room.
This room which was located closest to the main hall had been converted into an office. Its owner was absent but a soft shuffling of papers could be heard from within.
Inside was the Guardian Overseer of the Underground Tomb of Nazarick, Albedo.
Sitting inside at a desk much less extravagant than the one Ainz owned was Albedo, checking various documents.
Of course, Ainz had given Albedo per own private office.
She’d been given one of the empty rooms reserved for potential new guild members which she originally used as a bedroom and office.
However one day, she could no longer resist her feeling for Ainz
She wanted to work in the same room as the one who ruled over her.
虽然一开始并设有得到什么良好的反响,但通过真心实意强调实务面的众多利点,再加上她锲而不舍的反复直诉。最终还是让 弄到了许可。
Although hesitant at first, Albedo’s waxed eloquent on the practical and utilitarian benefits of working in the same room. Her persistent nagging gradually wore him down and Ainz eventually granted his permission.
Albedo lowered her head slightly so as to obscure it from the personal maid assigned to Ainz for that day who was standing behind her.
Nobody could see the rare expression on her face.
Her master had business to attend to and for this reason wasn’t currently in Nazarick.

Overlord Light Novel Volume 14 Illustrations

Overlord Light Novel Volume 14 Illustrations